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Necklaces have adorned Queens and peasants alike for centuries.

It’s no mystery either when you can see how that perfect choker or opera length set of beads can accent a simple dress and turn it into a fabulous outfit! Here you will find fantastic designs at Seahorse Jewels by jewelry artists Bruce and Lee Dobbins. These unique pieces will be a fabulous complement to any outfit.

Each of our necklaces are handmade using the finest materials. These one of a kind beauties make wonderful gifts that will be much appreciated and treasured for years to come. And don’t forget to treat yourself, they are really wearable art and can be a wonderful way to express yourself!

Why settle for run of the mill mass produced jewelry when you can delight in these necklaces for an affordable price?

But it’s not only the new jewelry that is valuable, there are many vintage necklaces that are highly collectible and some can be worth thousands of dollars! The styles are great too, from sleek art deco looks to 1950’s rhinestone to plastics, vintage jewelry is sure to have something for everyone. Some of the older pieces are handmade as well and you can only imagine the hours of work that went into some of the pieces that feature wired on seed beads like the work of Miriam Haskell – its easy to see how these quality pieces have stood the test of time and are so highly valued today. But not all vintage pieces are expensive, you can get some very nice collectible pieces for around $25.00 – check out our shop and start a collection today!

Necklaces that are made from genuine gemstones and sterling silver must be stored gently. Never store in direct sunlight or near high heat. Some gemstones are very soft and can become damaged if stored against other harder materials. Others are porous and could become damaged by chemicals from perfume and hair spray.

Squash Blossom Necklace

The squash blossom necklace is one of the most recognized forms of Native American jewelry.
This large form necklace with turquoise inset into heavy silver pieces features silver dangles that look like a squash blossom. These beautiful necklaces are highly sought after today.

The squash blossom necklace didn’t emerge in it’s current form until the late 1800’s, although the crescent shaped centerpiece was worn in a simpler form much earlier. The necklace can have many variations, but always has the large crescent shaped piece in the middle with rows of beads up the sides. The side beads are what look like a squash blossom and give the necklace it’s name and the crescent shaped piece is based on Spanish bridal ornamentation.

It is believed the necklace first was simply this crescent shape and evolved later on, when making fancy beads became popular, to what it is today.
The squash blossom necklace is an adornment still made by Navajo artists today. Set in sterling silver, it is traditionally decorated with turquoise but can also have coral, mother of pearl or onyx – or no stones at all!

Turquoise is the most popular of stones in a squash blossom necklace due to it’s revered status in American Indian culture. Turquoise is considered to be a powerful healing stone that can help many areas of the body. It is said to make speaking easier and is reputed to help those who have trouble speaking in public as well as aiding in expressing oneself. As a healing stone, it can be used to remove toxins from the body such as poison, pollution, toxins from smoking etc… It is also thought to help asthma and infections. In general turquoise is used by new age healers to treat and strengthen the respiratory, digestive and skeletal systems.

How To Wear Choker Necklaces

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Choker necklaces were meant to be worn tight against the throat and can be seen adorning women as far back as medieval times. Many people find these necklaces uncomfortable and like to wear a looser necklace, but they can be very attractive with the right outfit and neck structure.

Traditionally, choker necklaces were only worn by young women, but today women are aging so much more gracefully and there are less restrictions on what older women “should” dress like that chokers are fun for all ages. They can enhance many kinds of outfits and look great will all lengths of hair from very short to very long and especially enhance your looks when the hair is worn up off the neck.

Choker necklaces can hide some flaws and enhance others. If you wear a wider choker, it can mask loose skin or wrinkling around the neck. It can also make the neck appear longer, however pay close attention to make sure the width of the choker is appropriate for your length of neck as a choker that is too wide can make your neck appear shorter! You might want to stay away from chokers if you have double chins as you should stick to a longer necklace that will draw the eyes away from the chin.

Choker necklaces can enhance any style clothing but look particularly well with off the shoulder styles and boat neck styles, although they can make a smashing addition to a V neck cocktail dress outfit too! When wearing this style of necklace, it is best to accompany it with matching earrings since the necklace is worn so close to the ears. It doesn’t have to be an exact match, but a pair of earrings with the same stones or complimentary colors will work good. You don’t want anything that clashes as the pieces of jewelry are worn so close together.

Choker necklaces come in many forms. The most popular is the pearl necklace of several strands (or even 1 simple strand) that sits right on the neck. Of course, there are diamond and rhinestone chokers often seen at glamorous parties and chokers are a favorite for brides, especially in diamonds and pearls. Ribbon chokers are popular today – a simple ribbon that sits tight on the neck and has a pendant hanging from it or an initial plaque in the center. Today, they can be made from most anything and there are many innovative and intriguing ways that artisans use to create unique and unusual necklaces.

Sexy Y Necklaces

Y necklaces are not a new design but have become very popular lately in fashion magazines and stores. They are shaped like a “Y” with a tail that dangles down the chest. They can be really long or short but either way, they draw the eyes down towards your chest! Sometimes they have more than one piece that dangles down on the tail and modern necklaces incorporate a gemstone at the end for interest.

Y necklaces were also quite popular in vintage and antique jewelry and were sometimes called lariats. They incorporate many elements but typically they were popular in the 1930’s and 40’s and consist of chains with beautifully cut glass stones that dangle down at the bottom.

They are also quite popular in all rhinestones and many a 1950’s prom girl wore a rhinestone necklace with her gown.

Y necklaces go with almost every outfit but are particularly alluring with a V neck or button collar top. The lines of the necklace compliment the lines of the outfit and the whole ensemble works to draw the eyes down the length of the upper part of the body which can help your torso to appear longer. Of course, they also look lovely with off the shoulder gowns and can compliment any hair style.

The perfect accessory to wear with Y necklaces is long dangle earrings that match the composition of the necklace. They don’t have to be a perfect match, but if you can get ones that have the same or complimentary stones at the bottom, you have a winner! If you really want fancy, some chandelier earrings could be a nice match, but I think the Y necklace has a more sleek and sophisticated look so a more simple earring is preferred.

Caring for Y necklaces is the same as for any jewelry. To keep them from getting scratched, make sure your stones don’t clang against other pieces in the jewelry box – wether they are glass or gemstone. If they are gemstones, avoid cleaning with any chemicals and simply use mild soap and water if anything. Glass can be cleaned with a mild jewelry cleaner.

Double Strand Bead Necklace

Necklaces are a necessary accessory to almost any outfit from jeans and a tee shirt to a professional suit you wear to the office.

Why be a plain Jane when you can spice things up with a unique handmade piece of jewelry? It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, either – a few simple small beads strung together make for an interesting look. Then again if you really want to be noticed you can opt for big honking nuggets of gemstones like turquoise and crystal combined with handmade Bali silver beads.

A double strand bead necklace is a nice compliment to any outfit that can be bought reasonably. If you like a vintage look there are tons of choices – from those neat old Japan necklaces from the 50’s with colorful beads, to rhinestones to chains necklaces with simple embellishments – you can’t go wrong if you buy vintage as the value is bound to go up!

But if you prefer a sleek modern look, a double strand bead necklace that is handmade by an artisan using gemstones and sterling silver might be the thing for you. I have made several using turquoise beads and fetish beads as well as combining a multitude of other interesting new and vintage beds for a unique look. Buying artisan jewelry is fun because you know that each piece is handmade and many times a unique one of a kind item!

A double strand bead necklace can come in many lengths too. It could be choker length and sit tight up against your neck which is a great look for boat neck, v neck, and off the shoulder tops. It can be princess length and sit right at the hollow of your throat. Matinee length is about 22″ – hanging about halfway down the chest and can go with almost anything. Opera length is 30″ – just below the chest and goes great with turtlenecks or fitted tops without collars. The length you decide should be dictated by the outfit you are wearing.