Cleaning Jewelry

Cleaning Jewelry is an important part of keeping your jewelry sparkling and in tip top shape.

Even if you are extremely careful with your jewels, the grime and dirt from daily wear, dust, perfumes and sprays can build up on your jewelry and cause it to loose it’s luster and possibly even become damaged!

Cleaning jewelry that is made with sterling silver components is necessary as the silver will tarnish over time as it is exposed to air and sulfides. While some tarnish in the crevices of a Bali bead or anything with an embossed design adds to the beauty, the high points and rounded parts look best with a high shine.

I am leery of using silver dips when cleaning jewelry that contains sterling. If the piece has stones in it as well as silver you should never expose them to silver dip. A silver dip could be used on an all silver piece, but if it is beaded make sure you rinse completely and dry thoroughly between the beads with a soft towel. You might even want to use a blow dryer on low setting to make sure all the water is evaporated.

When cleaning jewelry, caution is advised. Some stones like turquoise and pearls are quite porous and you need to be careful not to expose them to cleaners with ammonia. To clean these types of stones, I recommend dipping a Q-tip into warm sudsy water and gently rubbing the stones. I have heard that toothpaste can be used to clean pearls as well as sterling silver – just put it on a brush and “brush” the item.

Moisture can damage a piece of jewelry over time, so if you do put your jewels into a wet jewelry solution, or rinse in water, make sure you dry it thoroughly. Use a soft towel to get the moisture out of all the cracks and crevices. You may want to use the blow dryer as mentioned above.

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