Buying At Gem And Mineral Shows

ruby and gemstonesEveryone loves a bargain and wholesale deals can be had at gem and mineral shows.
If you love rough gems and minerals, you need to get to one of the shows if even just to look around. Perhaps you want your own jewelry made and you wish to pick out the stones? Many shows also have polished gemstones and rough beads as well.

One thing to keep in mind when preparing for gem and mineral shows is that you will probably have a huge amount of territory to cover so make sure you set aside enough time. Some small local shows can probably be traversed in an afternoon but a huge event can be open for days and you’ll want to make sure you can see everything!

Several types of dealers can usually be found at most gem and mineral shows. The wholesale importers, import gems from out of country and have their good priced low to sell fast. Retail dealers will probably have some very expensive and interesting specimens along with goods at all price ranges. You will be paying retail for anything you purchase from them but you just may be able to finagle a good deal for that piece you have been hunting for. There can also be dealers that dig the minerals and gems themselves and bring them along to sell.

If you are thinking about attending gem and mineral shows make sure you go prepared. Brink along little jewelry or zip lock bags to protect your new found treasures. Make sure you wear comfortable clothes and shoes and store your money and necessities in a fanny pack or large pockets so you can have your hands free to inspect the gems. And, of course, bring lots of cash!

Why Not A Lab Created Gem Stone?

Today, it is quite easy to fit jewelry with a synthetic gem stone or lab created gem stone.
These stones are quite beautiful and almost indistinguishable from stones mined from the earth – some are even better than “real” stones!

Gem stone jewelry has long been a part of human culture. Ancient civilizations felt that certain gems had certain mystical and healing powers and gems have long been a status symbol. Who can resist a shiny bauble? Unfortunately, not everyone can afford these sparkly adornments and a synthetic or lab created gem stone can enable almost anyone to wear beautiful jewelry.

The lab created or synthetic gem stone is manufactured to resemble a natural stone. They use technology to mimic the properties of the real stone. Whether it be a diamond, ruby or other colored stone, some manufacturers are quite successful and some of these stones can be more beautiful than a natural stone and quite expensive as well.

The lab created gem stone is “grown” in a lab. Scientists can now make stones that are identical in structure to natural stones and have the same optical, physical and chemical properties as the real thing. In fact, they are just like the real thing – science has found a way to create a stone identical to one that takes millions of years to form underground and have significantly reduced the time!

These stones can be used in any jewelry that natural stones are used in. Of course, they are less expensive so be sure that the jewelry you buy from is reputable and will disclose if the stone is natural or a lab created gem stone.

The Classical Multi Strand Pearl Necklace

The classic and elegant multi strand pearl necklace brings visions of first ladies and modern day princesses.
It can be worn with virtually anything and makes a smashing statement with that little black dress or a sharp business suit.

Although never out of style, pearls are becoming more popular this year with a recent emphasis on glamour in the style magazines and news. The multi strand pearl necklace is historically made up of round white pearls about 6 to 8 mm in size but for us modern girls, it can be made with any type of pearl. You can use different colored pearls such as a black pearl or blue pearl and even combine the pearls with silver or another gem. Other classic styles include a graduated strands and baroque (misshapen bumpy) pearls.

Although natural pearls are prohibitively expensive, you can buy a multi strand pearl necklace made from cultured pearls for much less. Cultured pearls are made by introducing an irritant into the oyster to form the pearl as opposed to natural pearls which grow without man’s interference. About 95% of the jewelry today is made with cultured pearls.

If cost is an issue, a single strand can be just as elegant as the multi strand pearl necklace. Single strands come in many lengths, each of which can be beautiful. Below are some popular lengths of the classic pearl necklace:

Choker – worn tight against the neck, about 15″ long and goes with anything!
Princess – about 18″, this necklace rests just below the hollow of your throat and is perfect for a high neckline.
Matinee – About 22″, this can go with almost anything and hangs about halfway down the chest.
Opera – about 30″ and hangs down to just below your chest. It can be doubled up or tied in a knot.
Rope – my favorite length this is over 45 ” and hangs down to your waist. It can be doubled, tripled or even quadrupled to make a multi strand pearl necklace – depending on the size of your neck. This style is the classic flapper style that you might see tied in a knot.

Keshi Pearls

Keshi Pearls are a free form natural pearl with much more charm and character than the standard round pearl.
Made by a piece of sand that inadvertently gets inside an oyster, these natural seawater pearls make up only about 2 percent of the pearls harvested today. They are an added bonus found along with cultured pearls as they are produced naturally.

Like all pearls, these are formed when a piece of sand or irritant gets inside an oyster. The oyster secretes a substance called nacre to protect itself from the irritant. The nacre has a shiny pearly color and eventually forms into a pearl.

Most pearls today are cultured pearls, meaning that the sand is purposely placed inside the oyster by human intervention and then harvested at some later date, but the sand that forms the keshi pearl is not placed there on purpose and is an added bonus. Sand the piece of sand is not placed perfectly as in the cultured pearls, the shape of the keshi pearl is irregular and much more interesting.

These pearls can take up to 7 years to form and are just as beautiful in sheen and color as any other pearl. Found mostly in the sea of Japan, these natural pearls add interest and beauty to any piece of jewelry.

Keshi pearls are perfect to include in an artisan made ring, necklace or earrings as their unique and quirky shapes add to the design and whimsy of the piece.