Memory Wire Bracelet

The memory wire bracelet is a timeless look that has captivated jewelry wearers for centuries.

It was very popular in the 1930’s and many vintage jewelry stores have them for sale today. It is still a very popular method for making beaded and gemstone bracelets with modern jewelry artisans today.
I think the popularity of the memory wire bracelet is due to it’s stacked look and comfort of wear. These bracelets can have many coils of wire or just a couple but they fit tight against your wrist for a sleek, rich look. Another nice aspect is that since it is one long coil of wire, one size fits all!

I have seen some vintage memory wire bracelets that have several curved wires that end in a clasp instead of 1 wire that wraps around your wrist. These kinds of bracelets are mostly used when you want a graduated look to the beads, but believe me, they are not very comfortable to wear as the ends dig in to your wrist!

How To Make Your Own Memory Wire Bracelet

It’s extremely easy to make your own memory wire bracelet. You can get everything you need at . You’ll need the following:

Memory wire (bracelet sized)
Needlenose Pliers
Wire Cutters

Beads or gemstone chips (depends on what you want to string on your bracelet! The quantity you buy depends on how big you want the bracelet to be)

I typically like my bracelets to wrap around 4 times so I buy enough beads to fill that amount of space. You kind of have to eyeball it, but don’t be afraid to buy too many beads since you can always use the left overs for your other beading projects! 1 Package of memory wire can usualy make a couple or 3 bracelets depending on how many “wraps” you want.

To make the memory wire bracelet, take out your memory wire and cut the desired length. Remember to cut it a bit longer as you will be twirling the ends.

Take the needlenose pliers and grasp one end of the memory wire. With your other hand, turn the wire so that it creates a loop. This is really hard to do and does require some strength (I usually ask my husband to do it!). It takes some practice to make a nice even loop but don’t be too concerned about how your loop looks – this is a handmade artisan piece of jewelry!

Next, string your beads on the memory wire bracelet. Just put them all on until you get about ½” from the end.

Now make a loop on the open end just like you did in the second step, so the beads don’t fall off.

It’s that easy!

If you want, you can finish off the ends of your memory wire bracelet by stringing some matching beads or gemstone chips on two head pins and attaching them to the loops at either end of the bracelet so it dangles down like a charm. You can also apply some little beads that are only half drilled to the ends instead of making the loops. You have to get a really good glue, though to hold them on as they can slip off and all the beads will fall off your bracelet!